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Book Covers & Editorial Design!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Here are all the book covers I made for the Penguin Student Awards 2017 of the Truman Capote novel 'In Cold Blood'.

First off, it's a wicked Netflix biopic (think that's how I'd describe it) and the 90's movie based on the book is awesome too! There's a film I think from the 50's which follows the actual route the killers took, recreating the whole thing quite accurately, but its like 3 hours long so best of luck.

I really hold this project close to my heart as it was the first instance of me leveling up my skills properly at University and becoming a illustrator. Never really gave collage much thought until this, but it just clicked in my head making these images with little scraps of the photos from the actual crime scene of the family murders.

I loved finding little details from the book to make ideas on, such as Perry having a dream he was a bird and wanted to fly away, never made as a cover of mine but was a cute little detail that always stuck with me! Check them out below:

Sassy gif courtesy of me - Thanks for reading :D

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